IV – Infusion Therapy

Yorkdale Integrated Clinic is the only Registered premise by CONO to perform IV Infusion Therapy in Downsview

IV Therapy is safe

IV Therapy Benefits are Felt Immediately

What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy stands for intravenous therapy and is a way to infuse fluid filled with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and other supplements directly to the venous system or veins.  IV therapy involves a small insertion of needle catheter attached it an IV bag. Usually no more hassle and pain than drawing blood for a laboratory blood work test. IV therapy can last anywhere from 20 min to 2.5 hours depending on the volume and rate of fluid being infused.

What are the Benefits of IV Infusion Therapy?

The Benefits are numerous. Especially when people undergoing the IV administration procedure are not able to absorb nutrients and mineral through oral means or intramuscular injection.

Is IV Therapy Safe?

Yes. IV therapy is safe and effective when performed by a skilled practitioner and a registered premise that is recognized to perform the procedure. The IV administration procedure is safe.

What conditions do IV therapy have a role in treating?

IV’s are generally set up in emergency settings to provide not only fluid/mineral/electrolyte support, but also access for direct and fast acting medications like antibiotics and medication or forms of medication that cannot be given orally. But elective IV therapy with vitamins and minerals and anti-oxidants  have shown to benefit patients.  High dose IV vitamin C and IV mistletoe (viscus album) have scientific evidence that supports its use in patients with cancer or having a history of cancer with little to no side effects. The benefits of Myer’s cocktails, a well known treatment through the IV route has been known to help with boosting the immune system.

IV therapy can also be used for cosmetic purposes as well to reduce bags under the eyes and rejuvenated the face and reduce the tired look on a person’s face. Skin lightening and anti-aging effect with IV glutathione.These and many more reasons is why there is a growing number of medical doctors and naturopathic doctors offering IV therapy to their patients.

Who can perform IV therapy?

Medical doctors and naturopathic doctors with a licence to prescribe and administer IV substances within their scope can perform IV therapy in Ontario. Nurses and nurse practitioners can also perform IV therapy under the delegation of a medical doctor. In Ontario, if a naturopathic doctor is performing IV therapy, their premise need to be registered by the College of Naturopaths of Ontario (CONO) and maintain the standard to perform IV therapy set out by the College. Yorkdale Integrated Clinic is currently the only licensed premise by CONO in Downsview.

What do I need to do before I can receive IV therapy?

Not everyone is a candidate for IV infusion therapy. Patients with certain health conditions like congestive heart failure or kidney disease or other conditions that cause fluid/volume overload that cannot be excreted are not candidates for IV therapy. You will be required to do a short history and focused physical exam of chest, hear, lungs and abdomen by your medical or naturopathic doctor. You will also be required to bring recent, within 3 months, lab blood work results. Your medical or naturopathic doctor (for a cost)  can order the appropriate lab work

Is IV therapy covered by OHIP and/or extended health insurance?

OHIP does not cover elective IV therapy.  Some insurance companies cover IV therapy entirely or up to a certain percentage.  At Yorkdale Integrated Clinic. We can do a focused shorter intake and incorporate the first treatment of IV therapy into the initial intake, providing the patient has all the appropriate blood work and is a candidate for IV therapy.

Is IV therapy right for me?

There is a lot evidence from patients and studies supporting the benefits of the use of IV Therapy of certain substances for certain conditions . There are some studies that suggest there is no benefit or argue it is not providing anything more than immediate hydration, but most of those studies tend to be general and small. Some patients feel the benefit after just one session and swear by IV therapy.  The best way to find out is to book a consultation for IV therapy to find out more if IV therapy can help you.

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